About Us

Perry’s Smokehouse is a family owned and operated business in Stafford Virginia. We take an extreme amount of pride in offering a great product at a reasonable price. Steve, the owner, grew up cooking BBQ with his Father in the Carolina’s and people would come from miles around to enjoy their food. Now that Steve has children of his own, he wanted to share his experiences with them and show/teach them how to cook some of the best BBQ around. We invite you to come see us Wednesday Thru Sunday 11am to 6ish taste the favor of the South.

The Name Perry: Why is the Food Truck called Perry’s?

I am sure that it goes back further than I know, but it was my Grandfather’s Middle name. He was an awesome person and treated everyone great, He was also a Preacher in South Carolina before I was born. He left a lasting impression on me. My Parents also gave me that middle name and I gave my 3 boys the “Perry” middle name, my uncle and 2 of my cousins as well, so you see it just had to be Perry! We call it Perry Pride.